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xast Network

The other two roles, as well as the Master-node payout address, may be updated.

The operator must be the only one on the network.

The remote node’s XAST.conf contains the operator key, which is used to sign Masternode related P2P communications (e.g.budget finalizations, or

Master-node winners in the compatibility code).It may also be used to change the LP address of the Masternode or the operator payout address (if the Masternode is configured to allow a percentage of the reward to be paid to the operator).

Doesn’t have to be one-of-a- kind (multiple Masternodes can share the same voting key).

It is used to vote on the budget.

Key Features

XAST leverages a distributed peer-to-peer consensus network that crypto graphically helps in securing every transaction.

instant fund transfer globally is available with the help of fast block execution unlike traditional remittance, Smart contract processing unmatched speed, and payment processors.

Direct transactions among network participants without the presence of central facilities are enabled with the help of decentralized technology.

User-friendly interface intended for seamless Real-world use cases.

Assures scalability for pacing up with the industry’s transaction requirements, thereby facilitating mass adoption of cryptocurrency.



CAP : total issuance 18billon

NEWWORK : binance


PROUPSERV (provider-update-service): a message delivered by the MN operator to update the service’s properties (IP address, operator payout address).

The MN owners end PROUPREG (provider- update-registrar) to update the operator key, voting key, or payout address.

The MN operators end PROUPREV (provider- update-revoke) to revoke the service and place the MN in a Pose-banned status